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Scene Queer System Unraveled Anarchy featured with SQ in September 2023 as our top selling artist to-date. We're fxking pumped to have them back and running a FULL blown SQ takeover!

This time we give our artists full access to design their own OAS page, ads, content - it's a vibe!

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Original Art Series

june 2024

  • Stonerqueer is officially a "lady" in the sheets but will remain a freak on the streets. Introducing - our internet name. We're just saying... censorship is what it is. This is how we'll be dealing with it for now 😎

Find us,, AND Thank you for being awesome 💖

e v e n t s

Saturday, June 29, 2024, twerk around Pride with a Purpose benefiting the national center of missing and exploited children @ Highwater Rooftop on Water St in Manhattan. Michelle has her tix!

Scarlett will be workin' and twerkin' in our booth where we'll have tons of merchies AND pieces from this month's OAS Artist!

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SQ Rainbow Flag is a living, breathing example of indie artists designing & presenting creations multi-demographically, getting paid and expressing magic freely with intention | the utmost Gratitude to the process |

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