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Michelle, Brooklyn, NY, is a practicing artist for over two decades and it shows.


Her vision is unique, intentional and practical.

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designed with symmetric chaos "When I unroll a yoga mat, I am at Church to check in with God...”


this Spotify mix of bops changes depending on the vibe throughout year but stays between 20-30 minutes for a nice, efficient yoga flow.

a community built with valued trust, love & compassion for the human condition. "we are humans supporting humans"

meet your artist

who/what has influenced you & your art throughout time?:


my mom is an artist & printer & educator, by trade. she took me to the graphic design school while i was in high school where i learned principles and techniques. she had this huge easel in our house. My older brothers are also an artists & musicians - I grew up around art and artists.


music heavily influences me - Erykah Badu & Lauryn Hill have been inspiring and influencing me for decades. Chris Cornell is an artist sent from [and to] heaven just for us (RIP). and bob fucking ross OBVIOUSLY. currently, i'm really inspired by Doechii and G Flip - their style (which is very different) and what they're producing is really special.


Lesbian drug dealers influence me HEAVILY (i need to go unpack that at some point)


what are your biggest fears as an artist?:


accidentally producing something i've seen and not knowing i've seen it before.. actually *being* crazy. (aka losing grip on this particular reality.) under and/or over valuing is also something that weighs on me heavily.

explain how you create, briefly:


depending on the platform i start questioning & mapping. then i start building a visual in my mind's eye from there. once i get a basic idea of what i think it is, i get to it so i can start asking more questions like "how would *i* like it, now" or "do i like this?" then i start personalizing it until it represents the feelings i have.  then i start making it and improvise. my current favorite tools are: pencils, shears, mouse, camera, paint brush, clothing & interiors.

sometimes i'm just making new colors so my eyes can just feast on something different every millisecond that they're seeing.

how has your practice changed over time?:


i've added and removed techniques, tools and mediums as tech and media evolve... or as i gain interest in somethign else. my style evolves in ways that i never thought it would which is pretty cool to witness.

what vibe do you hope people get from your work?:


i hope people connect with it's simplicity while enjoying it's full spectrum of possibilities and purposes. i hope people think, "wow, this was a good investment. i see the value here," whether it's because it gives them feelings when they experience it or because it's actually really practical and enriches their lives. maybe it gives them a voice they don't yet have. perhaps i'm a symbol for something they need a crutch for. happy to be it.

what is your idea of success as an artist?:


i believe that if you identify as an artist, you're successful

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